Advancement to Wholeness

KepFit is based upon my belief that the word “fitness” can be broken down into two units: The “fit” emphasizes physical capacity or ability, which is typically acquired through resistance training, cardiovascular workouts, stretching, and any other physical work that pushes your body to respond and adapt.  The suffix “ness” is not so easily understood in this case, nor is it as easily acquired.

The “ness” is embodied in a willingness to think outside of the box and return to simplicity. It is as easy as experiencing a sense of physical gratification from something as simple as climbing a tree or exploring a new walking path. It may also be the challenge to participate in an activity that may be completely foreign to you, or to push your mental limit trying to finish that final .2 of the 26.2 miles in a marathon. Having this “ness” includes fueling your body with natural, whole foods and realizing that there is more to being truly, wholly fit than mere physical strength or endurance.  KepFit is focused on this idea of an overall ‘fit-ness.’

I have come to appreciate a holistic approach in striving for and maintaining optimal health throughout life.  I wasn’t necessarily the most “fit” individual growing up, but I had the desire, and the “ness” behind me. I refused to let any kind physical activity bore me or worse yet, intimidate me. Exercise is a natural part of the circle of life and should be enjoyable. When we look at exercise as a chore we are fighting a losing battle. When we find a purpose of which exercise becomes the byproduct, the fear subsides and is replaced by a sense of accomplishment and self confidence. When I realized this, my mission to bring ‘fit-ness’ to people’s lives began. I firmly believe that the journey to achieve superior health should be fun.  
People tend to fall into patterns and adopt a particular lifestyle because it is convenient, easy, and comfortable. At KepFit I strive to make adopting a healthy lifestyle just as convenient and easy. I will show you how to exercise efficiently for the best results and eat not only correctly, but conveniently, to optimize energy and maximize weight loss. KepFit will teach you how to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, learning more about yourself every workout.  I will set fun, attainable goals for you while accommodating that hectic schedule we all find ourselves a slave to at times. Being a part of KepFit will help you gain the “ness” in your life.